Asirvia What Is It?

Asirvia Go is the latest and newest trend in promoting your business. When you can promote your business without talking to anyone your on to something and most of all you get less rejection.

What Is Asirvia?

Asirvia is a direct sales company that offers affiliate work-from-home opportunities to earn sales-based and residual commission income.  We give you tiny wireless device called an Asirvia GO.. You decide the promotional message you want to broadcast.. The Asirvia GO broadcasts your message …

What Is Asirvia Go?

Asirvia Go is Asirvia’s #1 product to assist you in getting your business in front of live real potential customers. The Asirvia Go is a small beacon that goes on your keychain and it pushes out messages to all bluetooth enabled phones that is within 100 yards of your keychain in every direction.


Who Is Asirvia Go For?

Asirvia go is for any body who wants to get their products/services if front of potential customers daily on autopilot all with a simple beacon keychain. Here is a few examples of establishments that can benefit from the asirvia go.  Restaurants/Bars
Coffee Shops
Ice Cream Parlors
Hair & Tanning Salons
Auto Dealerships
ATV/UTV/BOAT/RV Dealerships
Service Based Businesses
Boutique Clothing Stores
Gym, Yoga & Fitness Centers
Festivals & Trade Shows
Famers Market Vendors
ANY Retail Outlet

Asirvia Go Examples

Restaurants/Bars, Coffee Shops, Ice Cream Parlors: Have a sign or a mention on
your menu with “Check your Android device for special offers!” or “15% OFF when
you check your Android notification.” Your clickable link can send them to a
webpage with instructions to simply present the coupon on the page to the waiting
staff or management.

Business Specific Notification Ideas:
Restaurants/Bars, Coffee Shops, Ice Cream Parlors: Have a sign or a mention on
your menu with “Check your Android device for special offers!” or “15% OFF when
you check your Android notification.” Your clickable link can send them to a
webpage with instructions to simply present the coupon on the page to the waiting
staff or management.

Restaurants: Notifications with new menu items, desserts and gift cards offers are
the norm.
“Happy Hour Special – Order Now” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Gift Certificates Available – Ask Now” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“10 Percent off All Desserts – Ask Our Staff” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Discount Coupons – Join Our Mailing List” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
Coffee Shops & Ice Cream Shops: Like restaurants, coffee shop notifications should
offer new flavors, sandwich & dessert combos or gift cards.
“Tried Our New Flavors Yet? – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Need a cup of Joe to go? – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Gift Cards Available On Request!” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
Hair & Tanning Salons: I can’t think of a better way to generate more revenue from
a captive clientele than sending a Bluetooth notification to salon customers.
“10% Off Your Next APPT. – Book Now” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“TODAY ONLY! – 5% Off All Product” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Tanning Members Save More $$$” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK

Vehicle Dealerships: Most dealers are open, no later than 9:00 PM but the lot traffic doesn’t stop just because you’re done for the day. I can remember as a kid going out to a movie or dinner with my family and riding through the car lot looking at the latest models.

Simply place a device in a vehicle with a message like:
“See One You Like? Tell Us HERE!” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Schedule Your Test Drive Below…” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Contact a Sales Representative Now!” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Seen Our Lease Specials? Click Below NOW!” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Cash Back On All Truck Models!” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK

Service Based Businesses: The list of service businesses that physically go to a customer’s residence or place of business is extensive. Many businesses like plumbers, roofers and construction companies don’t have branded vehicles with wraps or advertising on them because they are too costly. They can place a device in each vehicle and roll out!

How many times have you seen a roofer or plumber parked out in front of a home and wondered which business it was doing the work next door?

Here’s a few ideas on how to this leverage technology to build brand awareness.
“We’re The Roofers Next Door” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Serviced Your HVAC System Lately?” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Is Your Septic Tank Full?” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“New Flooring Installed $1.oo Sq. Ft.!” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Too Busy For Yardwork? Click Here!” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Call Us You Need A Tow” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK

Bookstores: If your bookstore sells coffee or pastries why not send a notification just like a coffee shop? I’m not sure of the margins book stores have but a coupon offer would make me consider more than the one book a I came to purchase.
“Buy one book get 10% OFF your 2nd!” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Have a cup of coffee while you read…” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Click Here To See Our Newest Releases!” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK

Boutique Clothing Stores: Advertising specials or clearance items is what comes to
mind for marketing a clothing store. Most of these shops are in areas with heavy foot
traffic so why not capitalize on it?
“Clearance EVENT Happening Now ==>”- YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Check Out Our BOGO Offer!” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK

Gym, Yoga & Fitness Centers: When it comes to fitness centers with memberships I
think of deals on extending their contract for a longer term at a discount for in-store
“Need A Personal Trainer? – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
For marketing outside of these your physical store locations:
“New Member Special!” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Get Fit For Summer!” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK

Festivals & Trade Shows: Nothing draws a crowd like a crowd. Launch a contest or
giveaway through a notification in exchange for a prospects email.
“Come By Our Booth NOW To Win $$$!” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Have You Seen Our Exhibit Yet?” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“ENTER To WIN [your product] at our booth!” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK

Farmers Market Vendors: This is where the savvy farmer or craft maker can
dominate the local farmers market. You can’t always get the best real estate at these
venues but you can pre-sell them on your deals as they walk or drive up.
If people are anything like me they’re always checking their phones right after they
park the car. Let’s have a special on heirloom tomatoes notification ready when the
parking break is set!
“Fresh Sweet Corn 3/$1.00!” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Grass Finished Beef At >>>” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Local Honey $7.00 QT.” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Fresh Zucchini Bread Today” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Organic Eggs $5.50/dozen!” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK

New Lead Generation
Insurance Agents
Financial Planners & Accountants
Affiliate, Network & Internet Marketers
Realtors, Real Estate Investors, Property Managers & Wholesalers:

Market your open houses to everyone on foot or driving by your listings. Real estate investors and agents can simply place a Bluetooth notification device on your keychain as you drive around town or place one in each listing.
“Open House Sunday! Directions at ===>” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“House for Rent/Sale At ===>” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Move In Special!” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Selling Your Home? Call Me!” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
Insurance Agents: I don’t know an Auto, Home or Life insurance agent that isn’t
always looking for new customers. Have one of these devices on your keychain or in
your car so you’re always in front of new people.

This is just a few examples of how you can use the asirvia go, but the sky is the limit with this thing the possibilities are endless. To get your hands on your asirvia go visit our site here ======> GET MY ASIRVIA GO NOW!

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